D David J. Scranton, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, CFA, MSFS, is an Amazon Bestselling Author, National TV host, Money Manager, CEO and Founder of Sound Income Strategies, LLC., Founder of Advisors’ Academy (a national coaching and marketing firm supporting independent advisors), and founder of his own practice, Scranton Financial Group. This busy entrepreneur is changing the face of retirement for Baby Boomers.
David J. Scranton is on a mission to reach Baby Boomers with an important retirement message: Total Return is all about Income. If you are retired or near retirement, you belong to The Income Generation (trademarked for his national financial show on YouTube that releases new episodes every Sunday at 10 AM EST), and we have resources you are going to want to access.
David Scranton has been specializing in the universe of income-generating savings and investment strategies for nearly 20 years. Prior to that, he followed a typical business model relying heavily on stock market-based investment strategies. However, in late 1999, David’s knowledge of stock market history enabled him to foresee the potential for a stock market collapse in 2000 and the onset of a new 20-plus year secular bear market cycle. Since changing his business model, Dave has built a thriving personal practice utilizing “defensive” income-based financial strategies designed to help protect clients from the dramatic stock market fluctuations and economic uncertainties of the past 20 years. He’s also taught hundreds of advisors nationwide how to do the same for their clients.
David frequently shares his insights on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business and other national outlets. David recognized a need to change his business model once more in late 2013. That’s when the Federal Reserve first announced the impending end of its unprecedented quantitative easing efforts after six years. Anticipating one of the outcomes would be the eventual end of a 33-year trend of overall declining interest rates, David knew the time was right to launch Sound Income Strategies, a Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in the active management of individual fixed-income securities.
“For more than three decades, declining interest rates provided a following current for fixed-income securities, largely because of the general rule that when interest rates go down, bond values go up,” David said. “This allowed many financial advisors to become complacent, using bond mutual funds or simply floating with the current, avoiding active management. However, with this interest rate current slowing and eventually shifting, only those advisors who are willing and able to ‘row’ will be in the best position to serve their clients. By ‘rowing’, I mean actively managing individual fixed-income securities to take advantage of every opportunity to upgrade for higher yields and capital gains opportunities, as well as using similar tactical maneuvers with stock-based investments. In the years ahead, I believe actively managed individual fixed-income securities will be the only financial tool equipped to not only keep a client’s portfolio moving forward against the shifting current of interest rates, but prevent it from moving backwards.”
Sound Income Strategies is made up of a team of experienced investment management specialists, trained and led by David Scranton, who proactively manage client accounts for stability and more consistent returns. Sound Income Strategies serves clients nationwide.

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